Live Sketch Artist (Graphic Recorder)

Are you passionate about illustration, concepts, and creatively communicating big ideas? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you: a Live Sketch Artist (aka Graphic Recorder) in The Sketch Effect Network!


The Sketch Effect provides its clients with a suite of illustrated visual communication products including live Graphic Recording and sketchnotes (both Virtual and In-Person). Live Graphic Recording artists in our network represent The Sketch Effect all around the world, providing these visual communications solutions for amazing brands like Google, Chick-fil-A, Delta, Amazon, and Marriott. Members of The Sketch Effect Artist Network are independent contractors, giving you the flexibility to scale your workload up and down based on your availability. This is a great gig to add to an existing body of freelance work and/or a flexible job.

A great Graphic Recording live artist at The Sketch Effect is:


A great active listener


Quick thinking and good at synthesizing big ideas


A naturally talented and confident illustrator or artist


Great with people, kind, positive, and servant-hearted


Eager and available to travel


Wanting to be a part of–and contribute to–an awesome team culture

Upon your acceptance into the Network, we’ll fly you to Atlanta for paid training where you will learn how we do Graphic Recording at The Sketch Effect. Then, when you fly back home, we will begin providing you with gigs in your city and beyond. You will create effective visual communication solutions (in the form of graphic recording and sketchnotes) for our clients, and we take care of the rest, including business development, supply management and shipping, training, materials, invoicing, contracting, collecting payment from the client and more.


Basically, we do the boring stuff so you can focus on the work you love and we can bring the gift of Graphic Recording and Sketchnotes to even more organizations, brands, and companies around the world!


We receive tons of applications to join The Sketch Effect Network, so our hiring process is quite extensive and selective, taking place in 3 main phases:


PHASE 1. The first step is filling out the form below, providing the following:


Examples of your sketchnote and/or Graphic Recording work  (both professional or personal examples are acceptable).




1 Academic or Professional Reference


A link to other personal portfolio work

PHASE 2. Once the form is submitted, our team will review and decide whether or not to advance you to the second round of our hiring process: 1 or 2 time-bound Graphic Recording assignments. The purpose of this is for our team to assess your skills, observe how you apply coaching/feedback, and determine how well you follow instructions.


PHASE 3. Based on the quality of your work from Phase 2, we will schedule an initial round video interview with our team. From there, we will be in touch to let you know if you have advanced to a final round interview.


Best of luck!


Join the Team!

Animation Contractor (Atlanta)